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About Me

I am an experienced, professional brand photographer and mother of two young crazies. I help business owners and entrepreneurs to elevate their brand presence online, attract more clients to their business and ultimately help them to make more money.


I provide a collection of beautiful and varied on brand images, graphics and visuals designed to perfectly portray my client, their story and their authenticity. This collection provides a ready-made portfolio of consistent online and offline content, saving my clients precious time and alleviating stress and overwhelm.

Prior to becoming a full time Photographer in 2018 (a 15 year hobbyist photographer until then), I spent twenty+ years in Corporate IT (Sales & Marketing). So I know what professional looks like and I know how to deliver an exceptional client experience. I understand the importance of identifying your target client, differentiating yourself, and elevating your brand. 

I also know how to listen. If I don't understand your brand, who your target clients are, or how you are looking to increase brand awareness - then how can I capture images that reflect or achieve all of that?

So let's get started on elevating your brand! 

Gill x

Picturing Your Success

Manchester & Cheshire Based Brand Photography Service

07540 293 993

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